New App Tests Whether You Have Psychic Powers

New App Tests Whether You Have Psychic Powers


Think you’ve got psi powers? Here’s your chance to test them out, and help with psi research, from the comfort of your own home. The Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS) has released a free iPhone app titled ‘PsiQ‘ that offers “three simple but valid tests for different types of psychic abilities”, and additionally helps you ​learn more ​about the ​underlying ​science​.

Designed by a group of scientists, ​scholars, and ​Silicon Valley tech developers, the three ‘games’ are:

    • Heart Quest, in which you tap on the screen to send love to a robot and help ​him grow a heart​. This tests for ​psychokinesis (​mind-over-matter​).
    • Hidden Gurus, in which you predict where a​n image of a​ guru ​will appear​.​ This tests for precognition (predicting the future).
    • Future Feelings, in which you click on a ​happy or sad face ​to describe the mood of photographs. This ​tests for a unconscious form of precognition.

It’s worth noting that the app isn’t just for you to play around with – it’s part of a study led by Dr Dean Radin, and collects your data for analysis (and if you show sufficient ‘talent’, you may just get an email from them following up).

Link: PsiQ in the iTunes Store

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